5 Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies You Need In (2022)

by Kingsley Emezie | Copywriter | Lead Generation Expert | (2022)

What’s the point of owning a business or even starting one if you are not generating new leads (customers) and making sales constantly?

The goal of any business should always be making more sales by providing the best possible service to benefit everyone involved. 

Are you a b2b, b2c, SME, or large corporation? Are you practising lead generation? If not, lead generation should be at the core of your business practice. 

Come to think of it, lead generation is not just about making more profits but rather serving more people you know are in need of your service.  

So, what is lead generation?

Lead generation simply means the act of attracting a new customer to your business. 

It can also be defined as the process of making your business known to a person or group of people. 

As our world continues to evolve, so does our marketing and lead generation strategies. What was effective in the old days may not be as effective today. 

For example, imagine calling random people trying to get them to purchase a gym membership or buy a new set of tyres. While this could be a good strategy, the conversion can be quite slim. 

So, here’s a better solution:

Instead of calling random people, how about reaching out to people who have shown interest in what you are selling. People who have searched for your gym or browsed your website looking for tyres. 

In this post, I will give you the 5 most effective lead generation strategies you can implement today to help boost your conversion rate and make potential customers seek you. 


  • Content Marketing
  • Referrals
  • Re-marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Live Events

Content Marketing

Do you remember when I talked about calling random leads to sell gym membership and tyres? Well, content marketing is the opposite of that.  

You see, content marketing builds relationships between your business and potential customers by giving them helpful tips and information about your brand/products.

It is a way to interact socially with your current customers and potential customers. If you are not already practising content marketing, I suggest you do so today. 

There’s no better way to nurture your lead by engaging with them frequently. This includes responding to questions, feedback, queries, blogs, social media posts, etc. 


In my opinion, referrals still remain the absolute best form of lead generation. In most cases, getting referrals is as simple as asking a happy client to help you spread the word. 

You see, when you offer an amazing service to a customer it creates trust, builds relationships, and they are likely going to recommend you to others. 

There is nothing more effective than a potential lead getting an endorsement of your business from a happy customer. Nothing beats that! 


In today’s microwave world, it isn’t enough to just advertise to potential clients and then cross your arms waiting for the leads to pour in. 

Re-marketing, also known as retargeting, is an effective lead generation strategy. I can’t tell you how many items I have purchased just by businesses retargeting me with ads. 

You might be thinking, how is this an effective strategy if retargeting ads can be blocked by potential customers. Well, whilst there are customers who block retargeting ads, there are some who don’t. I don’t.  

If done correctly, this is an effective lead generation strategy you need to implement today to start reaping the rewards.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective tool to take your business to the next level (forbes).

Believe or not, email marketing is still as effective today as it was 2 decades ago. 

The goal of every business should be to make more sales, attract new customers, and serve more people and that is what email marketing does for you. 

Email marketing has a high ROI. There’s a common saying, for every $1 spent you get back $40 which is why you should implement this lead generation strategy to increase conversion. 

How do you ensure your current and potential customers are visiting your website constantly? Email marketing. 

How do you ensure all your contents are seen by your audience? The answer is Email marketing. 

Live Events

If you are seriously interested in generating new leads for your business then you need to leverage the power of live events. 

Live events have become widely popular because they actually work. There’s something special about connecting with your customers face to face either through webinars or workshops. 

Don’t forget, customers want to know they are dealing with real humans and not robots.

Your business should have a human feeling in every aspect and live events are a great way to do that.

Examples of live events could be workshops, webinars, seminars, charity events. 

This is an effective lead generation strategy as it helps turn cold audiences into warm and hot prospects ready to do business with you.


Lead generation has shifted from the old method of prospecting to a more engaging and nurturing process. 

Customer engagement is the new way to attract a consistent flow of buyers to your business. By leveraging social interaction you can connect with your customers globally and increase conversion in your business significantly.  

In a nutshell, your prospect needs assurance before taking a punch. So it is up to you to provide adequate support to build that trust in your lead generation process. 

What is your most effective lead generation strategy in 2022?

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