5 Ways to Improve Omni-channel Customer Experience

Who can put a price tag on the importance of customer satisfaction? No one. That is why all business owners must ensure customer service remains a top priority in any organisation.

It’s no secret that successful businesses thrive on customer satisfaction for the continuous growth of a business because a happy customer will remain loyal to your company and bring in more customers for you. 

So, how do you achieve customer satisfaction? How do you make your customer happy? How can you avoid the customer having a negative experience? 

Here’s how: You first need to understand the meaning of customer experience and how important it is to the growth of your business

What is customer experience and why is it important?

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A customer experience is the entire buying process that takes place between the customer and the organisation before and after the purchase has been made. 

It is the sum up of all interactions between the customer and the organisation that gives the customer a perception about the company. 

As a business owner, you can create a customer-friendly environment that makes every customer feel important. 

Customers in our world today want to be heard, they want to feel gotten, they want to feel like you understand their fears, their emotions, and worries. 

It is your duty as a business owner to ensure your customer is looked after to the best of your capability. This includes responding to every question and query as quickly as possible.

Thanks to omni channel customer service, businesses have multiple communication channels available to ensure customers can reach out to a business 24/7 and have their questions answered. 

What is omni-channel customer service?

Omni-channel is a customer support service which helps to enhance the customer experience. 

It provides numerous customer support through live chat, sms, face to face, digital channels, and emails. 

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Here are 5 ways to improve your Omni-Channel customer experience

  • Mobile service
  • Social media interactions
  • Live chat
  • Self-service
  • Emails

Mobile Service: Today, more than ever, mobile usage has overtaken the usage of desktops in terms of customer buying behaviour. 

More customers use mobile to buy, browse, and search for information online. It is only reasonable that businesses focus on providing a mobile CRM tool for a better customer experience. 

Social Media: Just as previously stated, customers want to interact with the brand they are doing business with and social media platforms are vital tools to enable customer interactions. 

You as a business owner must ensure your social media platforms are engaging. This includes responding swiftly and accurately to customer queries and giving vital feedback. 

A recent study reveals, slow responses to your customers impacts the customer experience negatively. Try to avoid this by responding in time to your customers. 

Live chat: This is another important tool to help enhance the customer experience. It is said that 63% of customers revealed that a website with live chat increases their buying decision.

Self-Service: Self-service helps customers partake in solving their problem which makes it a vital tool for customer experience. 

This can be done by inserting the FAQs to encourage the customer to participate in solving the problem. 

Emails: Emails still serve as one of the most effective digital marketing tools. A recent study reveals 38% of customers prefer email conversation when interacting with a business. 

However, it is important to take note of response time as well. Emails should be replied within 24 hours of contact to avoid a negative customer experience. 

By implementing these strategies, you will improve the customer experience. 

Written by: Kingsley Emezie, Ceo CKM MEDIA

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  1. 38% conversion wow!!! We are definitely going to integrate chats pop ups on our platform. You are doing a great job. Thank you. 🙂

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