7 Reasons Why Copywriting Will Boost Your Sales In (2022)

This post is for you if you are looking to attract a flow of new active customers to your business almost every week. 

You will discover the seven (7) reasons why Copywriting can take your business to a new dimension. 

Not only that; you will learn how the power of Copywriting can give you more exposure and strengthen customer relationships in 2022. 

Copywriting is crucial for your business because of the countless opportunities it provides. Not sure why? Stay with me!!

So, What is Copywriting? 

Copywriting can be defined as a written form of advertisement designed to make a person or a group of people take a certain decision. 

It can also be described as your ability to demonstrate the ultimate benefit (not feature) of your product to the customer in a simple and understandable message.

Features and Benefits chart 

The length of the message isn’t necessary; it could be long or short. What matters is how you are going to solve their problem. 

In order to solve a customer problem effectively you can’t rely on your instinct or data. You have to listen to your customer, communicate and engage with them like a human. 

Engaging with your customer online has to be at the core of your business practice because It helps strengthen your relationship with the customer. It makes your brand stand out, it makes the customer feel gotten, it shows you are interested in them. 

We live in a fast paced world where customer attention span is dropping at a rapid rate. A recent study by a data analyst reveals the average attention span of a customer is now believed to be 8 seconds.

Which means you have 8 seconds to grab their attention, create a pattern interrupt, communicate clearly the benefit of your product. To achieve that, you have to engage your customers across multiple channels. 

This is why Copywriting is vital to your business. A good Copywriter will help improve the customer perception of your business by constantly engaging with your customers. 


Here are 7 reasons to consider

  • Customer Perception
  • Brand visibility
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Content Creation 
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Blogging
  • Ebook Marketing

Customer Perception

Customer perception can be described as the way your brand is perceived, regarded, or understood, by a customer. It can make or break your business.

According to a recent study, 1in 3 customers will leave a brand they love if their perception changes. 

I’m sure you will agree that for a customer to form an opinion of your brand, it must be developed through the five senses. 

You can control your brand central perception online by creating informative content like blogs, articles, videos. Also, by responding to queries, comments, and feedback. 

Copywriting helps to create a human interaction with your customer and strengthens the relationship. 

Ask yourself, what perception do people hold about your current business? And are you doing anything to promote that image right now? If you are, good for you. If you are not, then you need to begin asap. 

Brand Visibility

To enhance your brand visibility you have to become visible. This means showing up to where your current customers and potential customers are. 

You have to speak a language they can relate to. A Copywriter knows how to research your target customer pain point and present the solution in a way that prompts swift action. 

To be visible, you have to create a lot of content targeted to the right audience and only a Copywriter can help you maintain a high ROI on your content.

High Conversion Rate

Here’s a short story. I was introduced to a potential client who had issues with conversion. She had traffic to her website but there were no conversions, not even one.

I viewed the website and the reason for low conversion wasn’t farfetched. There were no clear benefits to the website visitor and no there was no CTA. 

You need a professional Copywriter to write your web pages if you want to increase your website conversion. 

Content Creation

Content creation is a unique way of interacting with your audience. There is no doubt the majority of customers rely solely on social media to make a buying decision. 

This is a great Marketing strategy designed to help businesses engage and connect with current and potential customers. 

Content creation should be a vital part of your marketing strategy because social media helps influence buying behaviour. 

Content could include news, industry insight, polls, quiz, behind the scene images. Anything that can demonstrate the human factor of your business will go a long way. 

A good Copywriter will help you create and manage your content to enhance your customer perception. 

Emails and Newsletters

If you are in business you should have an email list. An email list is a list of emails a business collects from current or potential customers for information purposes. 

Think of it like a way to inform your customers of upcoming products, events, trends. Emails and Newsletters are vital to the growth of any business and you will need a Copywriter to get you the best results. 


Every business website should have a blog page dedicated to new and current customers. 

A blog page on your website brings you immense traffic because people are constantly searching the web for answers and if your blog can provide those answers the reward is endless. 

A blog post a week with the right keyword and SEO can transform your business. Not only that, it cements your authority as the go-to expert in your industry. 

Ebook Marketing

Information products such as Ebooks can help you attract more customers to your business. You can choose to sell the Ebook or give it away for free in return you capture the customer contact email. 

Writing an Ebook could be time consuming due to the research involved so it’s always good to outsource this process to a competent Copywriter who can help you lift that burden. 

The good thing is, you don’t have to do anything other than outlining the content and instructing the Copywriter what you want. 

Ebooks are usually short, pages can vary from 50-100+ depending on your preference. This is a good Marketing tool to establish credibility and expertise. 


As the number of online buyers continues to grow, last time I checked it was about 3 billion customers shopping online. To capture part of that, you need an online strategy. 

Content creation still remains the most effective way of getting your brand and business known online. The aim of the article is to help you see the amazing opportunities out there. 

If you already have a system working for you, you can still add to that. If you don’t have a customer conversion system in place and would like to discuss, feel free to contact me. 

So tell me, what strategy stood out to you? 

What strategy are you going to implement? 

By: Kingsley Emezie

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